Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter: immersive supper clubs and drinking to get your yuletide off with a bang...

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In the CIA War Room...



Within the intimate environment curated by RIFT, Blanch & Shock will be delivering five courses that invoke the sensations of a dichotomous era: the decade of suburbia and subversion, with the tensions from home and abroad played out on the plate.

Blanch & Shock make creative food projects and provide bespoke catering, using food to explore and illustrate ideas with a focus on the British palette of ingredients.


For Nuclear Winter Blanch & Shock have created a dining experience that draws upon the frisson that the Cold War created within the homes of millions, drawing upon popular dishes of the mid-twentieth century and invoking within them the tensions of the era.


KINO VINO in residence in JANUARY

KinoVino will offer you a unique chance to travel in time behind the Iron Curtain, to savour the food from all four corners of the former Soviet Union. The meals will take you from Soviet Central Asia, to the Caucasus and the South-Western part of the USSR (Moldova, Ukraine, Belorussia) and culminate with a dinner in the capital featuring some of the classics from the Kremlin.


Journey with us into the world where food, film and storytelling merge, to discover new cultures and eating rituals, intoxicating scents and flavours, and meet like-minded travellers to share these experiences with.


This is a unique journey of flavours and Soviet history, a gathering that will broaden your culinary horizons and give you distinct insight into the lives of people living behind the Curtain.


Grub Club Presents in February

Since the emergence of alternative dining experiences in London, one company have made themselves synonymous with those at the forefront of these boundary-pushing culinary events. Anyone familiar with the idea of a supper clubs will be familiar with Grub Club, who have been curating, cultivating and facilitating these kinds of events across London since their inception. We’re delighted to welcome a series of talented and enterprising teams to our situation room, delivering delights from East to West and everywhere in between. No two experiences will be the same as we open our doors to a plethora of chefs who have been carefully selected by the ingenious team at Grub Club. A supper club is at its heart a communal experience, and nothing could be more intimate than hunkering down into a bunker for the meal that might well be your last. Intimate meets immersive in this the final residency of our Nuclear extravaganza.